Ever wanted to explore Europe this year and you have chosen Budapest, Hungary? It was the first city that I have visited outside of Germany, and I wasn’t disappointed with my experience since I got the best place to stay in Budapest, cheaper and easier.

We couldn’t decide at first if we would take our cat to Hungary for the holidays, that’s why we have delayed the booking of our flight. In the end, I opted for a bus ride to Hungary. I didn’t find that idea so stressful. Having lived in my small town in the Philippines, I was already used to ride with a bus whenever we visit my father’s hometown in Surigao.

Maybe you wouldn’t believe it, but I have managed the SP for almost 8 hours because the bus was really full, and I gave my seat to my mother. SP is a term we commonly use in our town which means Standing Position in a bus ride. I survived it, so a 12-hour bus ride from Berlin to Kelenföld Station in Budapest doesn’t sound so horrible to me.

It was a different story for my boyfriend, he dreaded the ride already before we left for Budapest.

Like written on the ticket, it was a 12-hour ride. We didn’t stop for breakfast in the morning, which I didn’t expect at all. As far as I could remember, we only stopped I think four times and that’s only 10 minutes in every stop. We left Berlin at 11 pm and arrived in Budapest at around 11:30 am. It was cold in Budapest and was raining a bit. My boyfriend’s mother fetched us and even invited us to go to a café first which I gladly obliged. 

My boyfriend complained from time to time that his behind hurts from the bus ride while I nonchalantly shrugged my shoulders. A bus ride is just a piece of cake. But it’s really not easy. 🙂

Best place to stay in Budapest, Hungary

If you are wondering what happened to our cat; if we have taken her with us or left her on her own in Berlin. Well, none of that happened. We posted an ad on eBay-Kleinanzeigen (Ebay-Small ads), asking if somebody could take care of our cat during the holidays. We got a lot of answers and found the right person.

You might think that I party a lot in Budapest since Budapest is one of the 15 best party destinations in Europe.  Sorry to disappoint you, I am not really a party person, but more like a home person. Missing parties in Budapest is not that bad, since we also went to this famous Christmas market in Hungary, the Der Vörösmarty Platz. It is on the 11th place of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe, according to Buzzfeed. Having said that, it’s one of the best places you should visit and where you could stay in Budapest especially in December.

For the second time, my boyfriend told me to try this Blutwurst this time. Blutwurst is blood sausage in English. To see how it looks and how it is prepared, here’s the video from Youtube that I found. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to snap a photo of it while we ate. It was frigging cold, and we were lucky that we found a table where we could eat. There were still available tables and chairs, but we still had to clean them. Blood sausage doesn’t taste so yucky, in fact, it is delicious. (Well, there are more odd foods in the Philippines than in Europe, speaking of Balut and Isaw.)

After eating hurriedly, we decided to take a look around the market and drink something hot. I opted for a hot choco drink while my boyfriend chose the Budapest punch and for his mother, the apple punch (alcohol-free). After too much exposure in the cold outside, I couldn’t seem to feel my toes anymore (I forgot my boots in Berlin), and we ran to the car to heat our bodies up after taking photos of the Danube River and the beautiful buildings surrounding the area. 

Best place to stay and visit in Budapest, Hungary
View of Budapest at night

The evening was still young, and we decided to drive to Fisherman’s Bastion which is located on the castle hill. From the terrace, we could see the Hungarian Parliament Building and the Danube river. After taking some pictures we had to go home, or else we would pay 10 Euro if we stay longer than 30 minutes. 

Best place to stay in Budapest city in Hungary
Statue of St.Stephan, the first King in Hungary
Best place to visit and stay in Budapest, Hungary
View from Fisherman’s Bastion


It wasn’t planned to stay longer and spend New Year in Budapest, Hungary but due to some stupidity on both our parts, we missed our ride back to Berlin. I

I thought my boyfriend knew already that the bus will not leave in the same bus terminal where we arrived, but at the airport, which we both found stupid. We didn’t have a lot of time to catch up when we all realized, we made a mistake. That was embarrassing for his mother who also woke up early to drive us supposedly to the bus terminal. I told myself I won’t book tickets anymore for us since riding at 5 in the morning sounds really brutal. I realized it too, in the end. Instead of blaming one another, we had to make the best of our stay in Budapest.  No regrets, we found the best place to stay in Budapest.

Best place to stay in Budapest with a cat.
Their new cat with different names, Winston, Bernie, Gucci, Garfield…..no doubt, he looks baffled here. 😉 Anyway, it’s the best place to stay in Budapest with a cat.

During the last evening in Hungary at his parents, we’ve planned to go back again soon. I realized it is really important to learn the language, and I’ve also thought about it, if I couldn’t speak German and I’m living in Berlin, it’s really difficult. Of course, I could always speak English, but it could be better, that I speak the language in order to integrate well with the locals. 

The other day we went to a local store to buy something, and I couldn’t even greet. Yes, I have already learned some greetings, but this feeling of uncertainty always holds me back. Doubting if I would do it right or if I would even pronounce it well. That’s why I assume, it appears to be a bit rude.

Best place to stay in Budapest in a local restaurant
A restaurant called Nagyszénás Menedékház in Nagykovácsi, a village in Hungary.

Feeling left out and out-of-place if everyone around you speaks a foreign language and you don’t know what’s going on. It’s not like they’re talking about you, but you couldn’t just simply join in the conversation unless they would switch their language or translate every word. And I couldn’t demand that now and then.

The other day we traveled into the city by bus and then tram since his parents don’t live in the heart of the city but 30-minutes away with a car. I have noticed that people don’t sit immediately although there are available seats. My boyfriend told me then, that’s the difference in Berlin. In Berlin, the people would immediately grab the seat but in Hungary it is different. 

Ride a tram into the city
Tram in Budapest

Since we missed our ride, my boyfriend booked a new ticket from the same bus company after getting the refund in a voucher form which is valid for a year. Since we weren’t sure if we could use it this year, we grabbed the opportunity already and booked from the same bus company. 

Although we were both dreading our 12-hour bus ride ahead of us, we had to push through it and end our vacation holidays in Hungary. Hungarians are warm people based on what I have observed, they also greet strangers like some Germans, but they are more open than Germans. Yet, the language is challenging, but I have learned some during my stay like ‘‘Nem tudom’’ which means ‘I don’t know’’, ‘‘Nem’’ for ‘ ‘no’’ and ‘‘Igen’’ for yes. 

The ride back to Berlin wasn’t that stressful as I have expected since we traveled at night, and we had slept all throughout the duration of the travel. After reaching the Austrian border, I have fallen asleep already but upon approaching the German territory, that’s the time that we were all wide awake because of passport inspection. 

Arriving in Berlin, my boyfriend told me, that his mother was also mad at me the day we missed our ride and also shouted at both of us in the car. He added, luckily, I didn’t understand it and don’t speak their language. I answered him, I know right, and I understand her. His mother can speak a bit German, and she speaks to me in German, but whenever she couldn’t say the right word, her son was there to translate. 

Well, that was the story of my crazy not-so-intended long holiday in Hungary and the best place to stay in Budapest. What about you? Tell me a bit and pieces of your Christmas and New Year holidays, where and how did you enjoy it. 

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