Some of you would consider travelling a chance for an escape, freedom from everything and everyone. Yes, it is, in some way. Yet, we shouldn’t forget the things to consider how to enjoy travelling more, that you would want to travel again and again after your long or short vacation. Sometimes, due to excitement and thrill, we don’t even care about our health, even jeopardize it and don’t implement wellness anymore while travelling.

Did you ever experience getting sick after globetrotting? Well, in that case, you haven’t prepared well before your travel. If you’re reading this article right now, it is either you’re planning to travel, or you got sick before right after travelling. Then you’re lucky that you have stumbled upon this post. You will have the guarantee of staying healthy and implementing wellness while travelling since I would be sharing tips down below.

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1. Sleep

You would think, sleep is not important on a trip because, well, come on, you would probably say, ‘’I’m travelling, who cares about sleeping.’’ Wherever your travel destination is, be it in New York, a city that never sleeps, or in Budapest, one of the party destinations in Europe, that you could say, you might miss a lot if you go to sleep. These cities will stay where they are, and you shouldn’t risk your health over it.

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If you’re planning to spend your time in a city in the daytime, you should have more energy to enjoy it more. So, don’t always say, the night is still young.

If you’re in the countryside, you might want to spread your sleeping bag like this, that way you won’t feel being robbed of the chance to have your beauty sleep.

2.  Stay hydrated

We don’t need a long explanation, why we have to drink, especially if you have to stay in a sunny country that will make you thirsty from time to time, or if you want to explore your targeted location by foot. You could survive without a portion of food for a long time, but not without water.

Dehydration makes us easily tired since the lack of water supply in the body sends a signal to our heart which the latter has to pump harder leading to fatigue. You would think you’re exhausted, but it could be a case of dehydration. Staying hydrated means having enough water supply which you could always bring along wherever you go. One good example is the use of this water bottle, called LifeStraw Go Water Bottle which is leak-proof and with a silicone mouthpiece.  It won’t be a burden having this bottle along with your journey, in fact, it’s a life-saver.

3.  Write

‘’Really? But I’m on vacation.’’

You might be saying those words inwardly while reading it. Exactly, why you should write because you’re on vacation, you have the time, and you’re experiencing the moments worth writing for. Aside from capturing the moments through your pen and a journal, you’ll also feel this freedom,  you have the time for and with yourself. Writing makes you healthier according to Writer’s Digest.

4.  Emergency Kit

You won’t go to war without weapons. The same concept applies to travel. You shouldn’t travel with incomplete tools. You should always think of your health and safety. What if you injure yourself and hospitals or even clinics are still miles away? You wouldn’t wish to happen that to you, don’t you?

Some say, while travelling, accidents do happen, and we couldn’t control that. In that case, travel insurance is very essential for us and you. Aside from acquiring insurance before you travel, you should also have your weapon with you while travelling, called an emergency kit or first aid kit.

Your kit should contain the following:

·     Thermometer

·     Medicine for allergic reactions

·    Stomach ache medicine

·     Bandages

·     Rehydration tablets (in case of diarrhoea)

·     Wound cleaning gauze

·     Plaster

·     Tweezers

·  Small scissors

·     Painkiller medications

·     Antiseptic wipes

·     Condoms

Note: Condoms can be used as an alternative for water carriers in case of emergency, or they can be used as an emergency ice pack. Condoms are not solely for the obvious reasons, to be sexually safe on travel.

5.   Exercise

When you’re travelling, you get caught up with those overwhelming feelings of being in another place and you often forget your exercise routine (if you have one). Dedicate at least 10-30-minute run or some stretching, and walking can do your body and health favour. Additionally, one way to combat travel fatigue is moving your body.

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6.   Proper Sanitation and hygiene

You might be in the middle of a desert, there’s no adequate water supply, or at the top of the mountain, and you need to climb down a little to wash. Or you’re too lazy to practice proper sanitation and hygiene and dig into your food without even washing your hands.

Bad habit.

You could be lazy or anything, bringing along wet wipes and hand sanitizer is not even a big sacrifice on your part, plus they only use a small space in your luggage. Don’t jeopardize proper hygiene while travelling and pay attention to your health.

7.   Prepare

Last but not the least and very important, the preparation, before, during and even after. To avoid getting hysterical at the airport or denting your budget because you have forgotten this and that, it’s very essential to prepare.

What to prepare? The essentials first namely: passport, visa (if you need one), money, IDs and other travel documents.

The best thing you can do is to have a checklist you can fill out a day or a week before your travel day. Apropos, I have created a checklist which could help you prepare for your journey. You can grab it here, and it’s free.

Aside from having a checklist, if your destination is in Europe, there’s an e-BOOK Guide, which is very affordable and written by a travel blogger who has gone to different places in Europe. In her book, she has given tips and guides on how you can travel and save money at the same time. I have read it myself, and I’m strongly impressed with her knowledge about Europe and how one can travel wisely without spending a lot of dime on your journey.

If you’re planning to travel to Europe, you don’t have to hire a travel agent who suggests you extravagant destinations and pricey service, what you need is this Europe Trip Planner e-book. You can get this book by following this link. Aside from that, she has also a Planning Kit which you can also purchase that includes different types of planner essential in travelling.

If you want to buy a package, you can also get it. The e-book guide, planning kit plus a timetable. Here’s the link.

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Well, these tips might be new to you or you’ve been practising them for quite a while already. How do you implement wellness on travel aside from these tips given above? Or did you ever get sick before while travelling? I do too, honestly, and it’s a bother. You can share your tips too and your experience by commenting down below.

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