After the heatwave that hits Germany last June and this month July, it has led almost everyone to buy air-conditioners in different stores and even online. Yet there are proven methods to make our home cooler without using AC this summer. We all know using air-conditioners are expensive and some say it is unhealthy and it is associated with the Legionnaire’s disease.

I assume that you want to be productive and keep yourself from spending more money just to be comfortable seating in your home this summer. Good news, since I don’t want to disappoint you and just blabber here without giving you any alternatives on how to make your home cooler this summer without using these expensive gadgets at home.

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Sit back and relax as I share to you the proven methods to make your house cooler without AC this summer

1. Use of cotton

Cotton is one of the best fabrics you can use this summer. It is very affordable, and good for the heat since it is light, soft and soaks up the sweat from the body.

If you want to enjoy summer more, and don’t want to appear so awkward because you’re dripping wet from sweat, consider changing your clothing. Cotton is good in summer since it is very comfortable to wear and allows easy blood circulation in your body.

Do you want to sleep comfortably in the summer without going commando, which is not a bad idea too? Consider wearing cotton pyjamas or this cute nightdress.

Apropos sleeping, it is time to change your bed sheets this summer and turn to cotton bed sheets. Cotton bed sheets allow you to sleep comfortably since they are very light, breathable and can keep your body cool in a balmy summer night.

2. Turn the lights off

Regular incandescent light bulbs produce more heat than fluorescent light bulbs. If you can’t change your lights, at least turn them off when you don’t necessarily need them. It would make the room a bit better and cooler, not only that, but you can also save money.

3. Make yourself cooler

If it’s unbearable, you can get a cold shower like I do when I was in the Philippines. I was under the shower for 2-3 times a day and you could do that too. However, you can apply a wet cold cloth to your pulse points like neck and wrist.

In the summer, we lose normally a lot of fluids in our body through urinating or sweating. To compensate that loss, keeping hydrated is the solution. Sweating helps you in cooling down by making your skin wet and cold and by losing heat by evaporating in an environment where there is not much water in the air.

4. Ditch your bed or make it closest to the ground

Another proven method to make your home cooler is by not using your bed, instead use a bamboo mat. If you can’t go without your bed, you can use bamboo bedsheets since bamboo can absorb much more moisture than cotton.

You want to use your bed in the summer but no bamboo sheets or cotton sheets? Then position your bed closest to the ground. When the heat rises, position yourself or your bed lower and the heat will rise above you which makes you or the bed below cooler.

5. Close or open your windows

If the sun shines but it’s windy outside and cooler than your house temperature, it is best to open your windows and let the cool breeze in your house. You can also find out or compare the temperature by using a thermometer, then you will know if you have to maintain the cool temperature in your home or let the cool temperature enter from outside.

6. Apply a cold pack

You can use a normal hot water bottle you normally use in winter for heating up, but this time you need to reverse it. Instead of hot water, you can fill it with cold water or freeze it before using it at night when you sleep. You can get and buy this hot water bottle here.

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Now you don’t have to suffer in summer with these six proven methods to make your home cooler without using AC or fan. I haven’t included it in the list but alternatively, you can also freeze your sheets or your clothes to help you cool down in the summer. Like some people do, you can also sleep naked or open the windows at night to help you sleep better in summer nights.

How about you? What methods do you use to beat the summer heat and make your home a bit cooler? I would like to discover more and try new things this summer without getting bankrupt from buying an expensive air condition.