When we hear or read the word work, what comes into our mind? Stressful. You are already aware of it, but there are great tips on how you can work effectively. Some don’t know about them that they can apply them to be efficient at work.

Yes, it is indeed stressful to be at work. That happens if we are not fond of it. I am not sure, but I never met anyone when I ask something about work or if he is going to work, and he would answer joyfully, ‘‘yes! Finally, I‘m so excited about it! Well, maybe there are some exemptions that some people say those words.

But in my circle, no one had ever said those words. What I hear most, if I mention work, they would wave their hands off like wanting to say, ‘‘don‘t ask about it’’, sometimes making a face or ‘‘as always‘‘ in a way as if they don‘t want to be bothered with a conversation when it has something to do with their work.


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There are ways to make your work-life more exciting and easier, and I have personally applied them, and I would say, it helps somehow.

Here are some tips on how to work effectively and efficiently:

1. Be early

I bet you don’t want to appear at work reeking of sweat and in your rumpled uniform or dress as if you have just jumped off your bed after realizing you have work. Well, maybe, that’s the case. It might be obvious to say, but it shows disinterest and dispassion for your profession. You might not really like your current job, but you could try not to show it, and try to love it.

Is it not nice when you wake up in the morning to see your things neatly packed and prepared the night before?  You should have already showered, you just need to do some washing of your face, your private parts, grab some breakfast, and brush your teeth. You don’t have to go running to work, with your ties or shoelaces intertwined. Early at work, early to finish your tasks. When you started it right, work just flows smoothly regardless of stressful situations you might bump into at work.

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2. Wear proper attire or uniforms

When I was a teenager, I have always imagined myself working in an office. I wanted to become a secretary. Why? Please, don’t tell me you have thought of paperwork. Well, in other aspects, I would prefer paperwork than to run from here to there as part of my profession now. After pondering about it, no, the paperwork could be so stressful too. Anyway, why I like to be a secretary is because of the uniform that I might be wearing or my attire of the daily drama. I love dressing up and as a nurse, there’s no way I could romp around the station in a dress or in a skirt, right? Yet, it’s not the end of my world. I might not be able to do what I have wanted to do, but I could still work properly and professionally with a set of a nurses uniform. It should be not too fit and not too loose, neatly folded before I use it or else it would look like as if a flat iron will run after me. Aside from having a proper uniform, shoes are very important to those who work as a nurse. I have always loved these sneakers from Reebok, they’re very comfortable and durable enough as working-shoes. As a nurse, I have to protect also my health, so gloves are very important while working. At work, I have always preferred the S size. Well, it fits perfectly, and I could work properly if they are a snug fit.

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3. Avoid Stress- colleagues who backbite

Stressors are everywhere, but we could try to avoid them as much as possible. Stressors at work are sometimes inevitable, especially when it involves your colleagues. Work and tasks are not giving us sometimes stress, it’s the people, with whom we’re working with. There are different types of colleagues, but what I try to avoid as much as possible are the colleagues who backbite others. Yes, it’s hard to avoid them because we’re working with them, but we could maybe pretend we don’t hear every single bad word they say about our poor colleague.

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4. Avoid complaints- Just work

There are different types of colleagues, one who doesn’t work that much, the other one works a lot, but blabbers later that he did this and that. I have encountered this type of personality a lot and it’s not fun at all. Either I stay silent or answer back. Either way, I have done it already. Well, I am not a saint, especially when it occurs repeatedly. If you love to work a lot, just for the love of it, not to gain attention or promotion, don’t complain in the end. You don’t know what the others have done too. It’s a teamwork, and you don’t have to shoulder all the tasks if you have colleagues unless you’re doing it on purpose, well, maybe for a promotion. But, do not complain, it would only lead to stressors to yourself and to others too.

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5. Be Professional

If we define this word professional according to Merriam, it means acting a line of conduct as though it were a profession. We should behave in accordance with what we do or what kind of profession we have. It doesn’t mean also that if we are the CEO of a certain company, we would act all the time as if we are the highest. Yes, in terms of position, but it doesn’t mean being arrogant and snub about it, and looking down on others. Engaging with others collegially help us to work efficiently, breaking down walls if you’re the boss could be fun too.

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6. Hand-washing

Last, but not least, protecting our health. It doesn’t matter what kind of profession you have, but hand washing is very vital to each individual. From handshaking alone or receiving your change at the cashier transfers germs from one person to the other. Even handling your computer at work or turning the doorknob is one factor already for consuming microbes into your system. According to CDC, hand-washing can reduce the number of people who get affected by diarrhea and respiratory diseases by 50 percent. Hygiene plays an important role too, as one of tips on how you can work effectively. Proper hygiene leads to optimum well-being. Read more about the true essence of a healthy lifestyle.

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Every individual is different, the above-mentioned tips may not be effective for you, but I am applying them personally. At some points, I might say honestly, still working on it, like the number 1 tip. Be early. Maybe, you have more ideas to add, I would love to know them and also apply them personally. What do you do to survive your 9-5 job, or like me, rotating shifts? How do you deal with your toxic co-workers? Do you have more tips how one can work effectively?