Did you ever wonder before reading this, what could have been these 4 hard realities of blogging? And the last one being a surprise too.

Everyone seems to be doing it nowadays and you decided you might have a chance with blogging after all. Is it easy? Not really. Now you know these hard realities if you have been blogging for quite a while. If you have read another article of mine, What I wish I knew before I started to blog, you might be having the realizations which I have had too.

Yet, in this post, I break down these hard realities of blogging that no one tells us before starting this journey, the last one being a surprise to me

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  1. Invest in it

You thought it wrong when you think it’s enough to put up a blog and let people find it. Nope! Blogging is not a hide-and-seek game. People wouldn’t just wake up one day and say, ‘’I need to research What Blogs Her Mind and her posts and support her.’’

Oh, I could only hope, it works that way.

But it’s one fat big NO.

You need to promote and market it darling, or else your blog would look like a food forgotten or being thrown in the street in which flies pester on it (um, excuse the language). Harsh, but it’s true unless you have totally invested your time on it. SEO skills, for example. The best way to learn is self-education. The internet is just one click away from us, having said that, you need to spend a little dime on it. If you want to know more about SEO and how it improves our blog, you can start off with Moz and SEMRUSH. There are also YouTube videos and channels to watch if you want to educate yourself about SEO.



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  1. You have to be a tech-savvy

WordPress is one of the best platforms for blogging, but it doesn’t offer you everything for your own gain. WordPress is just one way of investment as a blogger. You have to know how to gain and benefit from using it. Aside from using this service for your blog, you also have a host which could help you. Yet, let’s be honest here, some of us don’t immediately run into them for support when it involves the functions or malfunctions in our blog. We try to solve it first on our own, and Google and YouTube are our helping hands.

However, Google search results and vloggers don’t directly help us. They only show us how a certain thing is being done. You follow the instructions and you type the coding yourself.

But thanks to SiteGround, when I am on the verge of giving up, I turn to them. Customer support is excellent and very accommodating. When Siteground cannot seem to solve everything, there’s Codeable as their partner. The good thing is when you’re on Siteground, you get $59 off for whatever transaction or project you might need to be fixed.

  1. You need to leave your comfort zone

Since you have to promote your blog, you need to communicate a lot with people. You have to engage with other bloggers as well. Apart from that, you have to do what you always think you can’t do. Write what is in your mind. Be with different types of people. You will see along the way you’ll learn a lot. If you’re too shy and you think you’re too introvert to interact with people, then you have to overcome it. It’s not that bad and hard after all, it’s for your own growth and gain. You need to explore and discover new things. It’s a stepping stone for growing and achieving your goals in life.

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  1. You need to be careful

This one’s really a surprising realization that dawned on me when I was still a novice at blogging. I have to be careful. I don’t want to pay dollars for being stupid and ignorant! There are factors to be considered, and one of them is the legal factor. Can your blog avoid you from being penalized? Or do you have a supporting document to avoid getting penalized? You might be wondering what I am talking about here. Darling, are you blogging legally? Do you have Privacy Policy, Terms of Use and Disclaimer?

Please don’t tell me you have used a generator for these important legal documents. It won’t even protect you and your business. Here’s a blog post explaining why you need a privacy policy.

Usually, it costs a lot with consultation alone from a lawyer plus purchasing these documents, I could only guess that it would rip you off for over 1000 dollars. Need not worry because you have another option, you can even get this legal bundle for only $180! Click here to buy and to know more the best-selling legal templates, plus 9 bonuses that will surely protect you and your business. You are lucky to have read this post if you’re still thinking of creating a blog. Speaking of the matter, you can grab a free checklist for blogging just by signing up below.


Additional thought about hard realities of blogging that others didn’t tell me, is I have to be on my phone like most of the time. Of course, not chatting, reading some nonsense on Facebook, or playing Candy Crush. Marketing and getting my blog out there. I have to mention it for the sake of other bloggers who have problems with their husbands and boyfriends of being on their phones or laptops like all the time. They don’t get it, just show them in the end, the fruit of you being on your phone ALL THE TIME.

If you have other realizations or bitterness of being in the dark before blogging, don’t hesitate to share it here so others could also read them and relate to them. If you want to read more posts like this in the future or want to connect or collaborate with me, just contact me or sign up on my newsletter.

Happy blogging, bloggers!